Water Heater Installation and Replacement

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Water Heater Installation and Replacement (Tankless and Traditional Tank Style)

When it’s time to consider replacing your water heater, it shouldn’t be a chore. A well-trained and experienced company should be able to replace and install a new water heater that day. At Gilbert Plumbing and Mechanical, the first thing we do is remove the old unit and safely dispose of it, and then go to work ensuring preparation of crucial steps. We handle the gas, electrical, and other connections and make sure the water heater installation goes smoothly and correctly.

Water Heater Efficiency and Sizing

After determining what type of water heater you’d like, it’s time to settle on how large you want the unit and how efficient. The best way is to observe how much hot water you use at peak times in your home. A good rule of thumb is considering a unit slightly larger than what you typically use. Our experts can calculate that amount and offer options to fit your budget and your needs or desires.
Regarding efficiency, picking a model, such as an Energystar®, reduces your energy bills, resulting in a cost-saving investment in the long-run.

Gilbert Plumbing and Mechanical Services Bountiful UT

Why Using a Professional is Best

DIY projects allow an individual to try their hand at many things, but it’s still a good idea that a professional takes on replacing and installing a water heater. You may think of installing your water heater; however, using a professional gain you several advantages and saves you money and heartache.

A professional plumber has the necessary training and experience, plus they know where to disconnect gas or electric lines and everything else, without looking at the instruction manual. If you miss any step, well, you’ll end up contacting a plumber.

Now, this is where hiring a pro not only comes in handy but can save you from doing anything illegal. City building codes change frequently and include floor and ceiling clearances, correct gas line sizing, venting allowances, and more. You’re probably not aware of these building codes – pros are. Also, you may not know where you can dispose of your old water heater or even have a way to get it there.

Tankless & Traditional Water Heater Replacement and Installation

Tankless water heaters only heat the water when you turn on the tap – by running the water across a series of heating elements and then directly to your faucet. A traditional water heater carries a tank full of hot water for your use. The tankless version is relatively new and enables you to save significantly on everyday water and energy consumption; therefore, it has become a popular option for replacing a water heater. Your old water heater may have been smaller or bigger; thus, you must get the right one for your space now. The process of replacing and installing a new water heater only takes a few, albeit time-consuming, steps that we’ll explain below.

Gilbert Plumbing and Mechanical Services Bountiful UT

Remove the Old Heater Unit

We start by turning off the supply of water to your home and disconnecting the old unit from the water supply line. If there’s some water left, we drain it into a bucket. Next, we disconnect the unit from its heat source. If you have an electric heater, it’s unplugged from its outlet; for gas heaters, we shut off the gas supply valve before proceeding. According to your local laws, we dispose of the water heater.

Mount New Heater to the Wall

If you have a traditional tank, it needs complete draining and then maneuvering out of the home. A new one is then brought in and wholly filled with the system thoroughly tested. Our expert plumbers mount the new water heater to your wall, ensuring it’s adequately supported and fastened. At this time, we connect the water line to the unit, or if needed, install a new one. We use brackets to keep the pipe in place and prevent it from touching walls and other surfaces. For electrically-powered tankless heaters, we plug the heater into a power supply. Your new water heater is now ready to use.


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